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Information Needed to Register
The following information will be needed in order to successfully create your online User ID. If you are having trouble locating this information or have further questions, please contact your financial advisor.
Personal information
First and last name
Phone number
Full mailing address
Security information - This information will be used to verify your identity should you forget your password or have any inquires about your Internet Access privileges.
Social security number
Place of birth
Date of birth
Mother's maiden name
Broker/Dealer Affiliation Identification Code - You will be allowed three attempts to successfully enter the Broker/Dealer Identification code. In the event that you exceed three attempts, you will need to start the entire registration process again.
SEI Business is customized for your needs, providing content pertinent per your specific Broker/Dealer affiliation.
This Broker/Dealer code is required for registration. if you are not affiliated with a broker/dealer you must provide the code that indicates you are an independent advisor.
Please obtain the appropriate Broker/Dealer code from your SEI Account Executive at 1 800 734-1003 Option 3 then 1.
Client Advisors
Client advisors have already partnered with SEI and opened at least one SEI account. For secure online access to private and privileged client account information Client Advisors are required to fill out, sign, and fax to the SEI Private Trust Company the following Registration Form.